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August 8, 2010
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By Findus
2016-12-04 13:27:16
hallo jessy kann ich dein tolles foto für den hintergrund für eine adventkonzert verwenden? danke dir!! würde nmioch freuen wnn du mir die erlaubnis gibst! lg findus
By Jessy
2016-12-01 14:51:27
Hi @ All, the next time there are unfortunately no pictures, because i do not have much time, i'm not available, sorry, Nice Greetz
By Jessy
2016-11-24 21:08:36
Hi, yes, you can use the pictures
By Terry
2016-11-23 16:48:14
Hi Jessy! I totaly love your Surreal Zebra wallpaper. And now i wonder if i can use the picture for a real wallpaper at the office and on our website? Please send me a message if its possible. Much thanx Terry
By Sebastian Hartmann
2016-11-21 12:17:58
Hey Jessy! I would like to use your Picture "Misty Huangshan Mountain" for commercial use purposes. Could i get your permission to use it? It is great and it fits the design of the website well. Thank you.
By Jessy
2016-11-16 18:45:10
Hi Together, yes, you can use the pictures, i'm glad you like them, Nice Greetz
By Cecelia
2016-11-16 17:45:35
Hi Jessie! I'm doing a fundraiser for Standing Rock an environmental justice protest being led by Native American Tribes. Would it be possible to use your water heart for the event, including on t-shirts for volunteers? http://wallpaperstock.net/digital-
By Keimi
2016-11-15 07:35:24
Hi Jessy, I'm interested in using "Mountain Iceland Lake wallpapers" for commercial use purposes (eg. Calendar). Could i get your permission to use it? Thank you.
By Manfred Kamp
2016-11-14 10:37:56
Hi Jessy.We're interested in your picture of Reine, Norway. We are an advertising agency and I would be happy to get an answer or you call me : 0049 172 201 49 40. Tanks very much in advance. Many greetings. Manfred Kamp.
By Jessy
2016-11-03 20:41:58
Hello Richard, nice that you like the picture, the use is free, have fun with it, Greetings Back
By Richard
2016-11-02 15:03:14
Hey Jessy! I really like your work and come across Abstract Fractal Rose Absorb, which is my favorite so far. I was wondering if I could use your work Abstract Fractal Rose Absorb for commercial uses. Greetings from the Netherlands
By Jessy
2016-10-27 19:06:25
Hi Hansi, das dass Bild nicht durch ein Copyright geschützt ist, sonst bitte nur als Desktop Hintergrund verwenden
By Hansi Feller
2016-10-25 15:07:15
Hallo Jessy, Ich würde gerne ein Bild von Ihnen als Hintergrund für meine Homepage verwenden wollen. Was ist zu beachten ? Es ist eine Sternenbild
By Jessy
2016-10-20 15:00:02
Hi Florentina, yes, it's ok, use it quietly
By Florentina Agiakatsikas
2016-10-18 12:07:01
Hello dear Jessy! I am a poet... taking out my first book of poetry (written in 20 years). I find that this creation of yours : https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwallpaperstock.net%2Fbook-of-my-life-wallpapers_46089_1920x1200.jpg&imgrefur
By Tatiana Joseph
2016-10-07 23:34:48
Dear Jessy, thank you very much. Tx
By Jessy
2016-10-07 10:19:12
Hey Together! regrettably are indicated only wide & hd resolutions, and i hope which is it only one mistake in the system, maybe i load the pictures at another time once more high, Nice Greetz
By Jessy
2016-10-05 00:22:50
Hi Tatiana, yes it is, Kind regards back
By Tatiana Joseph
2016-10-03 17:29:47
Dear Jessy, I really like your 1920x1080 City Planet & Grass Field image and would like to use it for my website. Is it permitted? Kind regards Tx
By Jessy
2016-09-27 14:41:42
Hi Mel, no, the author is unknown, unfortunately, sorry, but as far as i know, the image is free, Kind regards back
By MellyG
2016-09-26 11:10:36
Hi Jessy, I'd like to use the Millau bridge image you have (Viaduc_De_Millau_Bridge_France) on a website and possibly in small print runs. Are you the author of this image? Did you take the photo? Can I use it? Kind regards, Mel
By Jessy
2016-09-19 13:12:48
Hello Dear People! =) managed, these were now all images, but after a long wait, has the boredom finally an end! =) i wish you a lot of joy with the new upload! Nice Greetz
By Jessy
2016-08-10 16:07:18
Hey Together =) Chocolat & Vanilla Four will not be accepted, and i have no idea, why :( so please do not be surprised, Nice Greetz!
By Jessy
2016-07-29 22:50:41
Dawid, yessss, use it!
By Dawid Dobrowolski
2016-07-29 19:11:23
Hi Jessy, I would like to use Powerful; Mountains Forest Road on our website, I read in your comments they are free to use, but just want to make sure you're ok with this? Thanks, David
By Jessy
2016-07-28 00:57:44
Hi, as i said earlier, you use the images on your own responsibility, actually they are to be used so as desktop background ;) i do not always look in here and answer everything, sorry
By Dawid Dobrowolski
2016-07-27 17:42:26
Hi Jessy, I would like to use Powerful; Mountains Forest Road on our website, I read in your comments they are free to use, but just want to make sure you're ok with this? Thanks, David
By Oli Stojicevic
2016-07-22 18:08:57
Hi Jessy ... ich bin Stoy1tek ein DJ und Musikproduzent. Die Bilder von Dir sind Weltklasse....Nun mein Frage.... Ist es möglich einige Bilder von dir für meine Musik Covers zu verwenden? Das wäre so genial....Momentan würde ich gerne das LOST Bild für ei
By Dawid Dobrowolski
2016-07-22 13:31:38
Hi Jessy, I would like to use Powerful; Mountains Forest Road on our website, I read in your comments they are free to use, but just want to make sure you're ok with this? Thanks, David
By Jessy
2016-07-14 18:24:11
Hey Together! 20000 visitors! =) wow, i am really happy, many thanks for your interest, the numerous downloads & likes! Nice Greetz
By Michael Mayr
2016-06-29 19:48:18
Hallo Jessy! Ich möchte dich fragen ob ich dein Hintergrundbild Outer Space Planet Galaxy als Hintergrund für mein Spiel Space Shooter verwenden darf. Wenn du willst werde ich dich selbst verständlich zu den Credits hinzufügen. MFG MM123456
By Jessy
2016-05-25 01:16:49
Hi @ All, as I said, pictures with copyright are not approved for private purposes, maybe you can ask the author, they do not have one, I think it's ok, but the responsibility lies with you, Nice Greetz
By Sergio Susa
2016-05-24 15:28:57
Hi, i have a question about this wallpaper, my wife want to use it for her first book, She is an amateur writer. She loves you picture, can she use it? you have the rights of this image? if so, can she use it and put i some part od the book de copyr
By R Matticzk
2016-05-18 17:20:35
Hallo Jessy, unter deinem Profil habe ich im wallpaperstock ein wunderschönes Wolkenbild gefunden, welches ich gerne als Hintergrundbild für eine website (commerical) einsetzen möchte, die momentan neu gestaltet wird. Auf Deiner Seite konnte ich feststell
By Akshay
2016-05-04 07:00:02
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By Cecily Chambers
2016-04-29 20:21:11
Hi Jessy! You have wonderful artwork! I love this wallpaper: pink--blue-smoke-rising-wallpapers_w45905. I see that you have offered to allow people to use your images for free. That is very generous of you! Am I able to use this as well and do you o
By April Cannon
2016-04-26 17:14:44
Hi, my name's April and I am in love with your wallpaper: http://wallpaperstock.net/woman-white-dress--field-wallpapers_w44696.html Do you know who the artist is?
By Jessy
2016-04-24 00:40:43
Hey @ All! yes, you are welcome to use the pictures, they are free, many thanks for the downloads & likes! i am glad, Nice Greetz
By Judith Ehmann-Leeb
2016-04-19 16:28:29
Hallo Jessy, ich würde gerne das Bild "Nice Field Sky Trees Bird Sun" für eine christliche Konferenz (Evangelische Freikirche, www.mennoniten.de) als Hintergrundmotiv nutzen. Ist die Nutzung für Dich i.O.? Grüße Lolly
By Djo
2016-04-18 10:27:07
Hello Jessy, I would like to use Orange Sunset Road Fields wallpaper for the background in my web application. Is is free for use? Regards
By Me Someone
2016-04-15 23:12:17
I was wondering if I could use orange-sunset-roads-fields.jpg for a school web design project. Not for commercial use and the website will be taken down after the semester ends. Please let me know. Thank you,
By Karl
2016-04-12 17:29:02
Hi Jessy I like this image so much ! http://wallpaperstock.net/sun-light-planet-radiation_wallpapers_42331_1280x800_1.html I also found the image here - http://getbg.net/image/125104/ Can I use this image for a book cover please ? Thank you
By Lucas
2016-04-11 22:33:56
Hi Jessy, can I use your picture "sunrise ocean cave" for advertising youth service? Is it free? Greetings, Lucas
By Jessy
2016-03-25 14:13:26
who leaves for constantly always take out a picture of the new update? that's not funny! if this does not stop , i invite the time being nothing more highly! i'm sorry for the persons who are interesting
By Jessy
2016-03-20 03:14:25
Hi Rosaria, tut mir leid für die unbefugte Nutzung, aber deine Bilder waren ja auch nicht mit einem Copyright versehen, ich kann sie leider aber auch nicht löschen lassen, da musst du wohl Wallpaperstock kontaktieren, tut mir leid für die Umstände..
By Rosy90
2016-03-19 22:33:02
Hi I'm Rosaria, I noticed in your profile there are some of my work .. Please you delete them? http://p.mobile9.com/rosy-90/
By Julian
2016-03-18 13:16:53
Bildrechten finden. Daher wollte ich Dich fragen, ob ich es verwenden darf oder nicht. Bzgl. der privaten Nutzung hattest du dich geäußert, aber da es sich um eine Business Website handelt, wollte ich lieber noch einmal nach haken. Vielen herzlichen Dank
By Julian
2016-03-13 17:05:49
Hallo Jessy, mein Name ist Julian. Ich finde dein Bild "Trees Grass Flowers Sunny Day" großartig. Ich erstelle gerade eine Business Homepage und würde das Bild gerne als Hintergrund oder slide einbinden. Leider konnte ich bei dem Bild nichts bezüglich den
By Tadhg
2016-03-04 01:04:08
Hi jessy my name is Tadhg and i live in Ireand. Can i use the image " jungle animals seven" for a poster that I'm going to use for a mural for my garden wall for my kids. Is it copyright or can the printer use the design. I hope to blow it out to an 8ft
By Dave
2016-02-29 04:15:08
Hi Jessy, You have us permission to use your ABSENTIA image for a CD cover, which is much appreciated. We would like to credit you and your art in the liner notes for the CD. Can you let us know how to credit you? Best, Dave
By Jessy
2016-02-17 12:46:17
Hello @ All, you are welcome to use for private purposes, as long as they do not have a copyright, they are free from other sites! therefore, please don't ask me again, thank you & Nice Greetz
By Bryce
2016-02-17 00:00:29
Hi We are a NZ company exhibiting at a trade show in Frankfurt in March. We are looking for a large graphic for a wall 4m wide x 2.6m high. Would you picture " South Island New Zealand Landscape Reflection River Forest" of lake Matherson be a large eno
By Aleks
2016-02-16 10:42:33
Hello Jessy, Amazing work! I have just fallen in love with your photo “Sad Woman Mountain&Clouds” I am a musician. Can I use this photo as a cover for my instrumental composition on my site? If yes, how much will it cost? Many Thanks, Aleks
By Jessy
2016-02-11 11:59:11
Hi John, nice i like it to you, you can use it, it is free
By John
2016-02-09 21:49:37
Hi Jessy, Great work! Would it be possible to have permission to use your picture http://hintergrundbilder.wallpaperstock.net/trees-road-trunk-plant-ireland-wallpapers_w44486.html for a book cover. We would have problem citing your work in the book. I
By Jessy
2016-02-08 23:32:26
Henk, nice idea, the picture is free, use it quiet, Hello Annemarie, yes, gladly, Nice Greetz
By Annemarie de Soeten
2016-02-08 20:40:03
Hello Jessy, I would like to use "Marathon-race" for a background photo in a powerpoint that we will use in a service in our church . Would this be okay? Greetings, Annemarie
By Henk van der Stouw
2016-02-08 19:04:33
Jessy, is it possible to buy your image orange-sunset-road-filds w44532 in highest reolution as abackplate for a truck photo. It will then be used as an actual wallpaper in an transporteren office. please reply to me by mail info@studio81.nl Henk van der
By Jordan Ward
2016-02-02 07:30:54
Thank you very much, Jessy!
By Jessy
2016-02-01 12:31:58
Hi Jordan, i am glad that you like it, yes, if it does not have a copyright
By Jordan Ward
2016-02-01 04:15:51
Hello Jessey, my name is Jordan. I really admire one of the gray scaled beach paintings you have on here. I was wondering if you would be okay with me using it in a band logo design that I'm making with my friends? It's for a musical project I'm apart of.
By Jessy
2016-01-07 11:32:02
Hi Michelle, sweet idea, yes gladly, use it
By Michelle C.
2016-01-07 03:20:48
Hi Jessy, I would like to use "Cinderella Castle Three" for a composite photo for my daughter. Would this be okay?
By C Massey
2016-01-06 22:13:24
Jessy, your paintings are imaginative and beautiful. The subject, composition and execution of each one is breathtaking. I hope that you are selling and not just giving it all away. You are generous for sharing as mobile wallpaper. I love exceptional art.
By Kinga Ötvös
2016-01-06 11:37:58
Hi Jessy, Thanks a lot for your fast feedback and for being able to use your wallpaper:))) Have a nice day, Kinga
By Jessy
2016-01-05 11:59:16
Hi Dave, thank you, too, nice work! sorry, but i have only the resolutions that i upload, Hi Kinga, yes, of course, with pleasure! Nice Greetz, Jessy
By Kinga Ötvös
2016-01-04 22:05:53
Hi Jessy, I would like to ask if we can use your wallpaper "Amazing Highway" for a company's site for free? Thanks in advance for your feedback. All the best, Kinga
By Dave
2016-01-02 16:55:54
Hi Jessy, Happy new year! Thank you for Absentia. We are using it at carpesonum.bandcamp.com. The image on this page seems to be 96 dpi. If it's possible to get a higher resolution version, please let me know. Best, Dave
By Jessy
2015-12-24 23:35:47
Hi Dave, already ok, use it calmly, the picture is free, happy holidays
By Dave
2015-12-24 16:51:02
Hi Jessy, Would like to license your image "ABSENTIA" for an album cover on my label. Please contact me at dave@carpesonum.com, as I would like to pay you for your work. Happy holidays, Dave
By Jessy
2015-12-23 01:30:58
Hi Joe, yes, you can use it
By Joe
2015-12-23 00:39:07
Hi Jessy, May I use the Sunset and Wheat photo on a company site?
By Jessy
2015-12-15 21:33:30
Hi Antonio, yes, you can use it, nice idea and please
By Antonio Mares
2015-12-15 12:36:41
Hi Jessy. I just saw a wallpaper ot a "Night Stars", and I would like to use it as a back for a Christmas greeting email for my company. Could I use it? Thanks!
By Jessy
2015-12-08 22:34:52
Hi Valentin! i am very pleased that you like it, great idea! you can use them, provided they are not protected! Nice Greetz
By Valentin
2015-12-08 13:15:22
Hi Jessy! You have great pictures.I need your permission to use some of them for creating puzzles.Thank you in advance.Greetings.
By Jessy
2015-12-03 11:26:24
Hi Kaylee, yes, i am glad, good luck!
By Kaylee Steffes
2015-12-02 18:40:53
Hi Jessy, I wanted to know if i could use one of your wallpapers on a website that i am making for a competition?
By Jessy
2015-11-30 18:40:37
Hi, yes you can use it
By Salman
2015-11-29 20:56:01
Hello! I'm mr Bassa, i'm french, and i like your pictures very much. Could I use them for the cover page of my books? Thank you very much
By Rares rusu
2015-11-22 11:25:29
Hi Jessy, I am working for redesigning a website and I would like to use on of your pictures on the website homescreen. This is the picture I think is the best for my work http://hintergrundbilder.wallpaperstock.net/mountains-trees--hilly-road-wallpap
By Jessy
2015-11-21 00:36:45
Hi Rares, yes, you can use it
By Rares rusu
2015-11-20 15:08:54
Hi Jessy, I am working for redesigning a website and I would like to use on of your pictures on the website homescreen. This is the picture I think is the best for my work http://hintergrundbilder.wallpaperstock.net/mountains-trees--hilly-road-wallpap
By Jessy
2015-11-16 23:38:44
Nun, die Wallpaper sind ja eigentlich auch nur als Desktop Hintergrund gedacht, für andere Zwecke trägt sowieso jeder selbst die Verantwortung ;)
By Martrebo
2015-11-16 21:16:33
Oh, ich hatte angenommen, du bist die Fotografin :-) Falls du weißt, von wem das Bild stammt, würde ich mich über einen Hinweis freuen! martrebo@yahoo.de
By Jessy
2015-11-15 18:14:07
Hallo Martrebo, find ich echt spitze, du kannst das Bild auch sehr gerne verwenden, aber zwecks dem Urheberrecht, die Bilder sind alle von anderen Free Wallpaper Seiten!
By Martrebo
2015-11-15 15:48:04
Hallo Jessy, ich schreibe gerade an einem Büchlein zum Thema „Unterstützung schwer kranker Menschen“. Sehr gerne würde auf meinem Buchcover einen Ausschnitt deines Bildes "Sonnenuntergang über den Wolken" verwenden und dich da auch gern als Urheberin nenn
By Jessy
2015-11-13 10:47:52
Hey @ All! good news, the counter is activated again! so i will re-upload different pictures! i look forward to your numerous downloads :) thank you very much! Nice Greetz, Jessy
By Jessy
2015-10-31 21:57:48
Hi Michael, I would be glad if you used it! have fun! Nice Greetz
By Michael Redd
2015-10-29 16:49:55
Hello Jessy! I'm a fan of your work very much so and was wondering if my upcoming band coud use your image as a template for a design we are using on our debut album! Were from El Paso and this desert captures our home and style perfectly. We will give yo
By Jessy
2015-10-21 23:09:06
Ja, das könnt ihr verwenden ;)
By Andy
2015-10-21 14:41:45
Hey, sorry das hatte ich ganz vergessen. Es wäre das kleine Chamäleon hier: http://wallpaperstock.net/cute-chameleon-wallpapers_w38513.html Wäre super, wenn wir die Form verwenden dürften.
By Jessy
2015-10-20 17:07:36
Hallo Andreas, ich habe 8620 Bilder ;) Du müsstest mir schon genau sagen, welches du meinst Liebe Grüsse zurück
By Andy
2015-10-19 22:54:01
Hallo Jessy! Ist es in Ordnung, wenn wir dein Bild als Vorlage für unser App-Icon verwenden? :) Liebe Grüße Andreas
By Jessy
2015-10-16 00:08:13
hello first... and yes, of course
By Sharon
2015-10-15 23:28:42
Is it ok to use your image for a twitter background? I could see no way to purchase it.
By Hans Obrist
2015-10-11 15:29:05
Hallo Jessy, vielen Dank. LG Hans
By Jessy
2015-10-11 11:35:12
Hallo Hans, ja, du darfst, Liebe Grüsse zurück
By Hans Obrist
2015-10-10 15:25:35
Hallo Jessy, darf ich dein Bild: http://wallpaperstock.net/sch%c3%b6ne-weise-gras-feld-b%c3%a4ume_wallpapers_44250_1920x1200_1.html auf meiner Website: schoenenbaumgarten.ch verwenden? Liebe Grüsse Hans
By Jessy
2015-10-09 18:27:16
Hey Kana Kai, yes, you can use it :) Sonja, ich hab doch schon gesagt, das du es verwenden kannst, Nice Greetz!
By Sonja
2015-10-09 17:09:38
:) entschuldige :) Cloudy Sky Field & Path wäre das!
By Kana Kai
2015-10-08 16:22:39
Hey Jessy, I would like permission to use your Bright Green Grass for a Cosmetics Sales Promotion in Japan. Please let me know if you approve. Thank you! Kind regards :)
By Jessy
2015-10-08 13:55:45
Ja, das kannst du verwenden :)
By Sonja
2015-10-07 14:08:17
:) entschuldige :) Cloudy Sky Field & Path wäre das!
By Jessy
2015-10-02 14:49:41
Hallo Sonja, da gibt's ein Problem.. ich weiss nicht welches Bild ;)
By Sonja
2015-10-01 12:37:31
Hallo Jessy, würde das Bild gerne für eine Webseite für eine Psychotherapeutin auf der Startseite verwenden. Darf ich das und muss ich Copyright Angaben machen? Liebe Grüße Sonja
By Jessy
2015-09-22 09:24:27
Hey Simone, with pleasure, you have succeed, i have found it in 1920 x 1200, if you give me your e-mail, i send it to you
By Simone
2015-09-21 09:20:44
Hey Jessy, thank you for your reply! That is great to hear. I was talking about this image. http://wallpaperstock.net/mountains-trees-road-house-sky-wallpapers_w48407.html The only thing is this image is not big enough for printing. Would you have the
By Jessy
2015-09-17 14:50:51
Hey Simone, though I do not know which picture you exactly means... but as i already said, the pictures are free, for all purposes, provided that, they are not protected
By Simone
2015-09-16 19:15:50
Dear Jessy, I really like your Grassy mountain picture, and would like to use that image for a print report. Would that be possible and could I purchase the picture of you in HD quality? Would be awesome if you could reply on this message as soon as your
By Corinne
2015-08-03 12:32:22
Hallo Jessy Super, ganz lieben Dank, da werden sich meine Kolleginnen freuen. Liebe Grüesse Corinne
By Jessy
2015-07-29 12:31:25
Hi Meggan, yes, it's okay, provided that it has no copyright
By Meggan
2015-07-28 14:16:17
Hey there Jessy! Me and my programming partner are creating a gym application for our third year programming class and one of your wallpapers is perfect for the background, would it be possible for us to use this image?
By Jessy
2015-07-27 20:57:34
Hallo Corinne, kein Problem, ihr könnt euer Büro gerne mit dem Bild verschönern, es ist free! habt Spass damit!
By Corinne
2015-07-27 09:54:43
Hallo Jessy Wir, das sind drei Bibliothekarinnen der ETH Zürich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) würden gerne Dein schönes "Lavendelfeld" (Lavender-field sunny clouds) als Wandschmuck in unserem Büro haben. Bitte sag mir zu welchen Bedingungen wi
By Jessy
2015-07-24 22:34:47
Hi @ All! many thanks for the likes! i am glad =) Nice Greetz
By Jessy
2015-07-14 23:49:51
Hi Elzette, yes, why not, it's free, have fun with it
By Elzette
2015-07-09 18:02:09
Hi Jessy Can I please use you Magic Tree Bench & Grass wallpapers and stock photos Regards Elzette
By Christine Crawford
2015-06-10 14:04:37
I would like to ask about the Loch Lomond rocks image - where exactly was it taken and at what time of day ?
By Jessy
2015-06-07 14:26:32
Hi Mauricio, thank you very much for your interest =) yes, you can, i would be glad if you use the picture =)
By Mauricio Valdivia Hoyos
2015-06-06 11:29:01
Hi Jesse, congratulation, you are a true artist. tell me, do I have your permission to us you image "Fresh Grass" as a background of my web page?
By Jessy
2015-05-30 14:32:20
Hey @ All, obviously there are still problems with the server, for this reason, I load temporarily no pictures high, sorry, but it is unsafe! Nice Greetz =)
By Jessy
2015-05-16 17:11:47
Hallo Anika, ja, geht in Ordnung, ihr könnt es benutzen, nette Grüsse zurück
By AnBenCa
2015-05-15 16:18:35
Hallo Jessy, wir würden gern das Bild "Cloudy Sky Field & Weg" für ein Experiment in unserer Bachelorarbeit in Psychologie verwenden. Diesbezüglich wollten wir fragen, ob es in Ordnung ist wenn wir dieses Bild verwenden? Mit freundlichen Grüßen Anika
By Jessy
2015-05-11 23:10:17
Hey together, ten thousand visitors! wow! =) thank you very much for your interest and nice greetz!
By Levi's Dating Site
2015-05-07 18:06:52
Thank you so much! Your artwork is awesome! When posted the images can be found at www.OffGrid.Singles (my new dating site:)
By Jessy
2015-05-06 18:45:10
Hi Levi's, i am glad very much that you like the pictures, you can use them =)
By Levi's Dating Site
2015-05-06 04:02:57
Hi Jessy, I found several of your awesome images (Nature Heart, The Voice Of Nature, Morning Trees House & River, Mountains Trees Road House Sky, Amazing Field Road Forest Sky, and Tree House Abstract) and would like permission to use them for my new dat
By Jessy
2015-04-08 21:54:46
No Problem :)
By Ayke Onderweegs
2015-04-08 21:48:15
Thank you Jesse!
By Jessy
2015-04-03 16:33:32
Hey Ayke, i think that is a great idea! :) you can use it, kindly greetings back!
By Ayke Onderweegs
2015-04-02 22:40:44
Hey Jessy, I would like permission to use your Running Speed Vector wallpaper for a brochure about movement therapy in the Netherlands. Please let me know if you approve. Thank you! Kind regards :)
By Jessy
2015-03-20 14:37:07
Hi Joong, the copyright of the pictures does not lie with me, maybe you can ask the author? protected pictures uses please only as a desktop background
By Joong-hyun Ahn
2015-03-20 07:59:54
hi jessy. i have found a image that i want on your upload pictures. i'd like to use a picture for background image of class material, but it's kind of official so i'm asking using your picture has any copyright problem when i use this. picture's name is "
By Jessy
2015-03-14 15:48:09
Hi Lajavi, as far as I know, it is free, i already think that you can use, Nice Greetz back :)
By Lajavi
2015-03-14 14:32:23
Hello Jessy! Would it be okay to use "Woman Brunette Fantasy Dress" as a Book cover? Is it free stock or can you give me a contact where I may purchase the rights to use it. Best regards!
By Jessy
2015-03-12 23:44:22
Yup, it's okay, use it
By Rafael
2015-03-12 17:47:55
(ws_Woman_Darkness_Be_Free_1920x1200) Jessy, can use your image for a cover ? Thank You, Rafa
By Jessy
2015-03-11 23:17:26
Yes, it is in order, you have my approval
By Mailinhle
2015-03-11 21:57:22
Jessy- I would like permission to use your Running Speed Vector wallpaper for a company email and internal website header. Please let me know if you approve. Thank you!
By Jessy
2015-02-27 11:51:55
Hey Weylan, permission granted :) just a little joke, use the picture, and have fun
By Waylan
2015-02-27 00:25:56
Hey Jessy, I'm interested in using your wallpaper from http://wallpaperstock.net/new-york-city-skyline-wallpapers_w39491.html for a login page for an iOS app and website. Please let me know what the conditions would be. Thanks
By Jessy
2015-02-24 10:25:20
Hey Everybody! The new update has missed annoyingly, high on the server.. but don't worry, load them again, Nice Greetz
By Jessy
2015-02-02 13:10:33
Hi Mazze, ich denk schon, das du es nutzen kannst, ist ein Free Wallpaper von einer anderen Seite! Hab Spass damit
By Mazze
2015-02-01 13:38:20
Hallo Jessy, ich mag dein "Fernsehturm Berlin" Bild und würde es gern als Hintergrundbild auf einer non-commercial website verwenden wollen. Bitte teile mir doch deine evtl. Konditionen mit oder einen Link, mit dem ich im impressum auf dich verweisen kan
By Jessy
2015-02-01 12:34:53
Hope you love the wonderful walt disney collection! (and not only they ;)) in memory of thomas kinkade, the painter of light :)
By Jessy
2015-01-30 14:48:30
Hey Together! the wallpaper "I'm Not Doing Shit Today" if you find on the network! pictures without contents, I will maybe try some other time once more to upload, Nice Greetz
By Caroline Wald
2015-01-18 17:00:29
Dear Jessy We would like to use your wonderful pic Mountains Hillside Road Plants for an non-public Login page. Could we discuss the conditions? Thank you very much for your feedback! Caroline W., from Winterthur, CH
By Jessy
2015-01-16 18:02:29
Hey Caroline, so cool idea! i would be glad if you use the picture :) Nice Greetz from Saxony back
By Caroline Wald
2015-01-15 21:25:48
Dear Jessy We would like to use your wonderful pic Mountains Hillside Road Plants for an non-public Login page. Could we discuss the conditions? Thank you very much for your feedback! Caroline W., from Winterthur, CH
By Jessy
2015-01-14 22:04:04
Hey Together! great update from books, hope you like it, and if my mind shares once more! :)
By Jessy
2015-01-13 21:38:04
Hi Ardoq, thank you, sure, it's okay, the picture is free, so your can use it, and having joy with it! ;)
By Ardoq
2015-01-13 15:19:39
Hi Jessy, Great photo of the clouds at dusk (purple-clouds-bridge-dusk)! We are a little startup and thought your pic would work great as a background to a section of our homepage. Do you mind if we use it? You can email me at: ian at ardoq(dot)com
By Jessy
2014-12-20 20:35:31
Hey Jessie, it gives me pleasure! nice idea, hope he like it, best regards
By Jessie
2014-12-20 17:06:05
Hi Jessy! I know someone asked a similar question, so I think I know the answer already, but it's worth a shot!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your poppy field and moon photo. I want to have a print made for my husband for Christmas. It would be for over our bed
By Jessy
2014-12-19 00:36:57
No, sorry, i only have accepted resolutions ;)
By Mike S
2014-12-18 23:49:10
Is there any way you could e-mail me the original file for you "Sunset & Wheat Field" image? I need higher res for what I'm doing. mikescherer1 at yahoo.com
By Jessy
2014-11-17 15:04:15
Hey, yes, you can use it, it's free
By Johnpaul
2014-11-17 03:10:05
Jessy, would it be okay to use "Poppy Beautys Sunset Field" as a cd cover? Is it free stock or can you give me a contact where I may purchase the rights to use it. I am already a member of' 'Depositphotos' but I cannot find this image anywhere in their c
By Jessy
2014-10-29 21:11:26
So sorry for double wallpaper, it was not my intention!
By Jessy
2014-10-08 10:03:58
Hey, sorry, i just have great problems with the server at the moment! it's all good, i am happy about your interest
By Les
2014-09-26 14:54:49
Jessy-I would like to use one of your images as artwork on a StandUp Paddleboard I am creating. Is there a photo resolution image of the Mermaid ascending in the ocean wallpaper? I would appreciate if you are able to provide this for me. Les
By Jessy
2014-09-22 18:56:49
Hi Jared, it's accepted, have fun!
By Jared
2014-09-22 04:58:33
Hi jessy were are running a depression recovery program at our church and i was wondering if i could use you Mountain Path & Sheeps picture for our poster and flyers Thanks Jared
By Jessy
2014-08-21 15:43:05
Hey Fabio, it's okay, you can use it, to please
By Fabio
2014-08-19 09:42:39
Hi Jessy, I would like to use your photo "Steep Hilly Road & Forest wallpapers and stock photos" for my website, how can we discuss it? Thank you, Fabio.
By Jessy
2014-08-02 11:27:04
Hey together, it is everything in order, i would be glad if you are of use my wallpaper! Nice Greetz, Jessy
By Xan Solo
2014-07-25 16:31:42
Hi Jessy- darf ich dein wirklich geiles Wallpaper "purple outer space stars" : http://img.wallpaperstock.net:81/purple-outer-space--stars-wallpapers_42262_1920x1080.jpg als Hintergrund für mein Lyricsvideo benutzen? :D lG, X
By Ikar Smith
2014-07-03 21:58:22
Hi there. I really like a picture of a tree, I would like to use it for the cover of a rock album, to whom I can ask permission to use it?
By Jeff
2014-06-06 15:16:24
Hi Jessy, I love your Kilimanjaro One photo and our nonprofit would like to use it on the front of a sponsorship package for a Kilimanjaro climb fundraiser to benefit children with mental health issues. Do you own it and if so would we be able to use it w
By Samantha Silver SkieSwanne
2014-05-02 12:38:53
Hi Jessy; thank you very much. Would you accept my gift of gratitude, which would be the PDF version of my book? My e-mail is s.skieswanne@gmail.com if you want to contact me privately, so I could give it through our e-mails when it will be finished.
By Jessy
2014-04-29 15:20:56
Hey, yes, it's okay, sorry, but i have no time at the moment for wallpaperstock
By Samantha Silver SkieSwanne
2014-04-25 16:32:01
Sorry, Jessy; I saw that the message cuts after three sentences. Would you accept if I use Pink Moon Tree & Purple Sky for one of my short stories? Thank you.
By Samantha Silver SkieSwanne
2014-04-21 22:55:07
Hello, Jessy. I am writing a sci-fi/fantasy short stories anthology, and I found your Pink Tree Moon & Purple Sky wallpaper very beautiful, and it fitted perfectly one of my sci-fi story. The book will be sold freely, thus, it will be a non-profit book.
By Bilal amin
2014-04-07 07:51:53
Hai! jessy i am an android app developer and want to use to use your images for commercial use. but i will use your name and website link. so can i use it plz email me at bilalamin_khan@hotmail.com
By Jessy
2014-03-06 20:34:58
Hi Freedom, thank you :) yes, of course, i'd be glad to ;)
By The Freedom
2014-03-04 15:20:25
Hi Jessy, you have some fantastic wallpapers. I'd like to use some of it to make and sell digital printed clothing. May I please have your permission? Cheers :) Thanks so much for reading this.
By Jessy
2014-02-20 10:24:15
Nooo, as i said before, ALL wallpapers are FREE
By Meg C
2014-02-20 03:13:24
Hey Jessy, Do you own the rights to the woman in the red dress underwater??
By Patty
2014-01-27 11:32:55
Sorry fürs späte melden...Hoffe du hattest einen großartigen Start ins Neue Jahr..der weiterhin anhält. Freut mich sehr, das dir mein Bild gefällt und deinen Geschmack trifft. Mal sehen, was ich bei dir noch so finde, lol. Liebe Grüße, Patty
By Jessy
2014-01-05 16:30:11
Hey Patty, danke, das wünsche ich dir auch, und ja, erkenne es, das Bild ist einfach nur der Hammer! das trifft wirklich haargenau meinen Geschmack diesmal, Good Job & Nice Greetz
By Patty
2013-12-31 17:39:00
Hi Jessy ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr...mit viel Glück und Gesundheit und besten Wünschen..! hier die nächste Kunst..erkennst du es lol http://little-one-girl.deviantart.com/art/Melody-of-dark-poppy-field-423521587...hoffe es gefällt d
By Jessy
2013-12-28 13:04:57
Danke für dein Geschenk :) Ich mag den Frühling am liebsten, du warst in Alaska? ich nicht, dann wäre ich nur noch ein Eisklumpen mich zieht's eher an den warmen Strand, Liebe Grüsse zurück
By Patty
2013-12-26 15:25:27
Hallo Jessy dein Geschenk..(sorry ;-) http://little-one-girl.deviantart.com/art/small-gift-coming-from-the-heart-421402486 Nun ist X-mas auch schon fast wieder vorbei, leider...Ich liebe diese Jahreszeit einfach...aber viel besser war es in Alaska - Anc
By Jessy
2013-12-25 18:13:04
Hey, danke, das wünsche ich dir und deiner Familie auch, und bitte, gern doch, freut mich, das du aus dem staunen nicht mehr rauskommst aber dein Geschenk kann ich leider nicht anklicken, da is der Text zuende ô.o
By Patty
2013-12-23 12:07:34
Hallo Jessy ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie eine wundervolle Weihnachten..und ich danke dir herzlich für das ab und zu benutzen deiner wunderschönen Wallpapers...na ich komme aus dem Staunen eh nicht mehr raus. Liebe Grüße Patty Hier ein kleines Ge
By Jessy
2013-12-13 10:38:20
Hey, danke für die Links, und freut mich, das dir die Galerie gefällt =) sehr nice, das zweite Pic trifft meinen Geschmack, pretty, und nein, bin nicht auf Deviantart, schau mir da aber sehr gern Bilder an
By Patty
2013-12-12 17:40:22
Hallo Jessie hier meine neue Arbeit...Link http://little-one-girl.deviantart.com/art/enchanting-day-419330535 und Credit für Dich! Wahnsinn was du für tolle Bilder hast in deiner Galerie und großes Talent! Liebe Grüße Patty
By Patty
2013-12-10 12:38:17
Hi Jessy hier mein Link....http://little-one-girl.deviantart.com/art/my-Homage-to-walking-dead-418083071 Ich hoffe dir gefällt es und ganz lieben Dank für das benutzen deiner echt schönen Arbeit! Bist du auch auf Devianart? Ganz liebe Grüße, Patty
By Jessy
2013-12-07 11:24:06
Hi, ja, warum nicht, freu mich schon drauf, es zu sehen! Deviantart gehört übrigens zu meinen absoluten Favoriten! ;)
By Patty
2013-12-05 14:46:43
Hi Jessie, Kann ich dieses Wallpaper von dir, http://img.wallpaperstock.net:81/blue-wings-wallpapers_37439_1024x768.jpg als Manip bei Devianart benutzen? Setze natürlich einen Link und Credit. Meine EMail: little-one-girl@web.de
By Jessy
2013-11-18 16:11:23
Hey, no, all wallpapers are free from other sites, so you can use it ;) and thanks for your opinion, you have a very good taste! ;)
By Taca
2013-10-26 09:32:38
Hi Jessy, im interested in one of your landscape wallpaper. Are this images yours? I need to use it for my work. Thanks¡¡¡
By Jessy
2013-07-14 11:24:48
Sorry for double wallpaper, load the correct picture again
By Jessy
2013-06-25 13:30:38
Hey =) oh really? it gives me pleasure! =) thanks a lot for your concept!
By My Arnberg
2012-05-23 18:14:48
Hi, My name is My Arnberg and I live in Sweden. I wanted a picture of grass/roots/earth and yours was the best I found!! It\'s awesome and I love it :) You see, a friend of mine runs this club, and he has asked me to make a t-shirt print to represent the

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